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From mowing to maintenance, Clean Peak provides a full-scale of services to ensure your property always looks its very best.

Lawn Care

The condition of your lawn can make or break your entire landscape. That is why we offer weekly lawn mowing, edging, & blowing services from April through October to clients.

Tree Care

Often, the unique qualities of shrubs and trees are stolen by incorrect pruning. We take the time to educate ourselves in how to care for each shrub the way it requires and was created to look.

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Fall Clean Up

If you ask anyone what their favorite season is, nine out of ten times they’ll say Autumn. It’s a welcome change in the atmosphere from the hot temperatures of summer.

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Spring Clean Up

With the arrival of Spring, Spring clean up of your property can have its challenges. To ensure that your property landscape appears its very best, contact the landscaping professionals at Clean Peak Landscaping.


From stone pathways, to driveways, retaining walls, and more, we build hardscape surfaces to improve the function and joy of your property

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Complete Property Evaluation

Not sure what kind of care your property needs or when it should be done? We’ll build a plan so you never have to worry.

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Snow Removal

Don’t let inclement weather keep your property from looking its best. Our snow removal packages maintain your property all winter long round.

Our work comes from inspiration

Through our travels, we found incredible inspiration. We bring that inspiration to every home we care for by creating spaces of beauty and rest.

Backyard Paver Hardscaping, Mulch Bed Design and rock beds

West Chester Landscaping FAQs

Do you have any questions about our landscaping services? The following FAQ section will help resolve any concerns you might have. 

If not, there’s no need to panic. Our landscape design team in West Chester, PA, is here to help you with any questions you might have!

What Is the Difference Between Landscaping and Hardscaping?

The planning, design, and construction of lawns and certain elements that provide outdoor space and improve the appearance around a property are known as modern landscaping. 

Even though many people think landscaping and softscaping are the same thing, landscaping involves both softscaping and hardscaping. 

The area of landscaping that involves inorganic materials such as wood and stone, fire pits, decks, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, water features, etc. is referred to as hardscaping. 

On the other hand, the term “softscaping” relates to grading, mulching, and planting designs. 

Our landscapers in West Chester, PA, and surrounding areas, such as Newtown Square, PA, provide great service and quality work whether you’re interested in softscaping or hardscaping.

How Do I Find a Landscaper I Can Trust?

Word of mouth is the most effective way to find a dependable landscaping company or landscaper nearby. 

Ask your neighbors, friends, and coworkers if they have experience with any landscape design businesses that they would recommend. 

Reading online reviews and client testimonials and looking at business websites to discover what kinds of projects they have worked on are other excellent sources of information. 

After you’ve made a list, you can schedule consultations with each business. 

In this way, you can discover more about its principles and offerings, then pick the one that best suits the requirements of your project.

Our landscaping company has been serving residents in West Chester County for many years and has various positive client testimonials that will vouch for why you should choose us. 

Feel free to look at our landscaping architecture near West Chester, PA, to decide if we’re the team for you!

Why Is Professional Lawn Maintenance Crucial?

You can choose to hire a professional or not, but taking proper care of your grass has many advantages. 

It will give you a wonderful spot for your family and friends to enjoy, raise the value of your house, add oxygen to the air, and cool the area around your property, simplifying the job of your air conditioner.

In addition, a well-established lawn will have a strong root system that regulates erosion, runoff, and the quality of water that enters the groundwater supply. 

Healthy grass is also a great way to keep impurities and dust out of your water.

What's the Best Time of Year for Landscape Installation?

Different landscaping cycles happen throughout the year. The optimal season for preparing and planting flower beds as well as starting hardscaping projects is typically during spring. 

Most major hardscaping and landscaping projects are completed during summer.

However, fall is a great time to plant trees because of the lower temperatures. You can also take on a hardscaping project through the fall and up it starts snowing or the ground freezes.

Our landscape architect in West Chester, PA, will schedule your project accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about added pressure such as the weather.

How Do I Water My New Shrubs, Trees, and Flowers?

Apply the basics of watering. After planting, water the area, allow the water to seep into the soil, and then water once more. 

It’s ideal to keep watering often during the first week, either daily or every other day. 

Based on the weather in your area, you will only need to water your plants two to three times each week after the first week.

How Often Should I Mow My Lawn?

While it might seem obvious, mow the lawn whenever it gets too long.

It might seem too straightforward. 

The exact amount of time depends on how high you cut it, the weather patterns in your area, and the type of grass you have. 

That could be several times each week, just once every week, or once every two weeks. Use your best judgment.

What Do Lawn Care Services Consist of?

We offer a variety of lawn care services for residential properties and commercial properties. 

Our most popular services when it comes to lawn care include:

Lawn Mowing: 

Mowing is one of the main requirements for lawn service, and almost every lawn care specialist offers it. Both commercial and residential properties look better after getting the lawn mowed.

Our professionals use the highest quality mowers for particular grass types and use them in accordance with your needs. They also know how to mow the grass at the ideal height based on a variety of factors.

Leaf Blowing: 

Regular leaf droppings causes leaves to amass on the ground on plants and trees. Unattended items might attract numerous pests and diseases. It’s crucial to regularly remove these fallen leaves to keep your grass looking lush and green. 

Again, this is a component of any ordinary lawn maintenance plan. Your lawn will look clean and well-kept if you blow away the leaves and grass.

Lawn Edging: 

Lawn edging is necessary to give your garden a groomed appearance. It creates a path so that you can walk without touching the grass. By cutting the lawn into smaller sections, you create dimension, which gives you more options for enhancing your yard. 

Most professional lawn care service providers offer grass edging as part of their services.


Dealing with unwanted weeds also forms part of our landscaping services. Using a weed eater to remove the grass you could not reach with a lawn mower is a necessary part of any regular lawn care routine. 

To match the recently cut grass length, the weed-eater is used to clip back any areas that were left uncut. 

Our landscaping in West Chester, PA, covers all this and more!

Client Testimonials

“Clean peak team is professional, friendly and timely. Always kept me updated on schedule changes regarding weather. Offered options for landscape with regards to preference and cost. Clean up was always immaculate.”

– Michelle Jackson

“Clean Peak has been doing great work for us. They have done leaf removal, garden bed edging, ivy remediation and lawn maintenance. We have been happy with every service. We always know what to expect”

– Gretchen Cole

“Used Clean Peak for both my fall yard cleanup, and spring work including pruning, edging, mulching, etc. So far they have been very responsive and easy to work with. Young management team that seems eager to earn your business and trust.”

– Andrew Smith

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