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Are you in need of a landscaper you can depend on? Look no further than Clean Peak Landscaping: West Chester’s premier landscaping company.

Our Landscaping Services

    • Design & Install
    • Mulching
    • Spring Cleanup
    • Summer Cleanup
    • Fall Cleanup
    • Proper Pruning
    • Shrub Care

West Chester Landscaping

Clean Peak Landscaping seeks to provide the Chester County area with clean and precise landscape services while providing landscape design ideas to our customers that are exciting and inspiring. Our desire is to serve our community well through building long term relationships with our customers and providing unparalleled service that is trustworthy, reliable, and relational. As we continue to grow as a company so does our level of service.

Our professional team of landscapers put extra care in understanding and establishing clear expectations with our customers so that the finished project is exactly what should be anticipated. And with Free Landscaping Estimates, there’s nothing to lose.

A landscape built the right way can offer daily peace and gratitude to you as the homeowner. It can also serve to host all your loved ones and friends! This is why Clean Peak seeks to come alongside you in the process of bringing the hopes and aspirations you have for your property to an exciting reality one step at a time. We take pride in taking these steps properly in order to enable the landscape to flourish and bless the people in and around your home for many years.

Maintenance is the key ingredient that determines longevity of enjoyment in your landscape and whether or not your landscape continues to look good for years to come. Annual maintenance is crucial for plants, soil, trees, and every aspect of your yard. To help take away the headache of all these moving parts we offer maintenance for what your landscape requires each season of the year.

From weeding to landscape design and installation...we do it all

Your property is dynamic. With every changing season your property’s landscape needs attention. Clean peak Landscaping strives to produce amazing results for all our clients all year round.

Lawn Care

You live a busy a life and you deserve to enjoy your home to its fullest. Learn more about our lawn care options.

From monthly bed maintenance to complete property maintenance plans, we do it all!

Spring Yard Clean Up

  • Small Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
  • Stick & Brush Removal
  • Garden Bed Refreshing
  • Pruning and Trimming
  • Weed Prevention
  • Mulch Installation

Spring Cleanup

With the arrival of Spring, Spring clean up of your property can have its challenges. To ensure that your property landscape appears its very best, contact the landscaping professionals at Clean Peak Landscaping. Our team of landscaping artisans will make sure your property is bursting with colors and strong growth. The maintenance of your landscape from early in the spring is crucial keeping a beautiful landscape for the rest of the year with much less effort. Our team seeks to setup our customers with the most eye catching landscapes without the headache of constant upkeep. Spring clean up allows us to get a head start on identifying and properly maintaining your property for years to come.


What do our spring clean up services provide?

At Clean Peak we provide top level maintenance from weed prevention to bed clean up, mulch instalation, and pruning we can identify the necessary measure to upkeep your property in the most affordable way.

Clean Peak are landscaping experts who are able to service all your residential landscaping and Clean Peak focuses on or finds its niche in specialty residential landscaping. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.

need more assistance? Let us help you.

Every property is unique. That is why we offer Free Estimates on all our landscaping services. Simply complete our quick Free Estimate survey, and a Clean Peak associate will be in touch with you shortly.

Tree care

Often, the unique qualities of shrubs and trees are stolen by incorrect pruning. We take the time to educate ourselves in how to care for each shrub the way it requires and was created to look.

Our Fall Clean Up Services

  • Leaf Clean Up
  • Yard Bed Debris Removal

Leaf Clean Up | Leave It to the Experts

If you ask anyone what their favorite season is, nine out of ten times they’ll say Autumn. It’s a welcome change in the atmosphere from the hot temperatures of summer.

Clean Peak Landscaping offers landscaping services all year round, including fall cleanup. All leaves as chosen by customers which may include: yard, garden beds, low hanging gutters, porches, or wherever else leaves seem to hide. Our leaf clean up services services will get the leaves off your property leaving your home looking crisp and clean all winter long. Prices vary depending on property, so we encourage all our customers to take advantage of our Landscaping Free Estimates.

There are no contracts for snow removal. But don’t wait until it’s too late! Get on our list ahead of time so we can clear your snow without you having to worry about it.

not sure what you need? No problem!

We understand that every property is unique. That is why we offer Free Estimates on all our lawn care services. Simply complete our easily to follow free estimate form and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

Complete Property Evaluation

There is nothing better than a well balanced landscape that creates a feeling of serenity and peace. That is why Clean Peak has made it a focus to put together a team that approaches every project with unique care. Our team lays out the steps to create spaces that allow you to maximally experience the outdoors & plants.

what our clients are saying

“… professionalism and high quality work to the table on every job”

Clean Peak brings professionalism and high quality work to the table on every job. I have had a chance to see their employees in action and it is astounding! – Graham

“Great and professional. Cleaned up my yard to perfection! Will use them again for sure. Absolutely use this company.”
“I would highly recommend Clean Peak and will use them again.”

Clean Peak did a wonderful job of mulching, weeding and Spring clean-up for me. Really appreciated that Phil was responsive, came as scheduled for my estimate, and delivered the work as promised. I would highly recommend Clean Peak and will use them again. – Phil Weeber

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