Complete Property Evaluation

There is nothing better than a well balanced landscape that creates a feeling of serenity and peace.


  • Complete Outdoor Maintenance

Complete Property Evaluation

There is nothing better than a well balanced landscape that creates a feeling of serenity and peace. That is why Clean Peak has made it a focus to put together a team that approaches every project with unique care. Our team lays out the steps to create spaces that allow you to maximally experience the outdoors & plants.

How it works

  • We have designed a plan based on exactly what your property needs and when your property needs “it”.
  • We break this down through a separate estimate for each season. “Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter” and
  • Invoicing will occur as the services are rendered
  • Set up automatic payments by having your payment on file (not a requirement)
  • We show up to complete the services as agreed upon!

Next Steps

  • Pick and choose what you would like to add or take away from this agreement by simply checking the
    boxes for the line items you would like to be serviced for.
  • Clean Peak will correct anything you would like corrected.
  • You will sign the quote for approval.
  • Our office will talk with you about your preferred payment method and will update your account as such.
  • Together, we will put you on the schedule for all services agreed upon.

Your Benefits

  • Customized Complete Property Evaluation so you never have to wonder again what should be done when.
    (Avg. value $500)
  • Two full property evaluations (One late winter & One mid-summer)
  • Any other issues or proactive identifications can be seen on-site and will be pointed out to the homeowner
    such as (Plant health, tree health, lawn health, or drainage issues)
  • Priority scheduling
  • Pre-pay discounts
  • Referral program incentive discounts
  • The agreement is customizable (You see it all and can pay for exactly what you want)
  • Each season’s recommendations on how to maximize the beauty of your property.
  • No need to think and schedule ahead each time you want a seasonal service
  • Automatic payments can be set up monthly. You never have to worry about waiting on an invoice and
    remembering to pay.
  • Cancel at any time

Searching for Something More Unique & Looking to Create a New Outdoor Space

Clean Peak is a full service landscaping company that puts together every piece of the puzzle of your property so you don’t have to search and manage more than one company for your outdoors. Contact us today for all of your landscaping needs.

what our clients are saying

“We will use them again for sure.”

Great and professional. Cleaned up my yard to perfection! Will use them again for sure. Absolutely use this company. – Mary-Pat # IHPLS Senatore

“Excellent service. Very professional, polite, timely and hard working. Would definitely recommend.”
“I would highly recommend Clean Peak and will use them again.”

Clean Peak did a wonderful job of mulching, weeding and Spring clean-up for me. Really appreciated that Phil was responsive, came as scheduled for my estimate, and delivered the work as promised. I would highly recommend Clean Peak and will use them again. – Phil Weeber

FAQ | Get a Complete Property Plan with Clean Peak Landscaping

Each West Chester, PA property has its unique landscape needs. Soil type, sun exposure, existing vegetation, drainage solutions, and regional climate play a role in the type of maintenance and landscaping services that work best for your property.

An expert evaluation & plan by professionals like ours at Clean Peak Landscaping can understand what your West Chester, PA commercial and residential properties need, ensuring we craft the right plan for you and your property.

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Why is getting a complete property evaluation important for landscaping?

Here are a few reasons why a complete property evaluation by our West Chester landscaping company can be a great idea:

You will identify problems before they escalate: Like any aspect of homeownership, prevention is far more cost-effective than repair. A property evaluation outlines potential issues like poor soil health, inadequate drainage, pest infestations, weed control, or dying plants before it gets serious, which saves you from expensive future complications.

We will create a custom plan for your landscaping needs: What sets apart a property evaluation from Clean Peak Landscaping is the tailored experience. Based on the assessment, our experts devise a care and maintenance plan that is uniquely fit for your landscape. No cookie-cutter solutions, only customized landscaping services!

Increase in curb appeal and property value: A well-maintained landscape is a significant contributor to curb appeal, which, in turn, can significantly boost property value. A professional property evaluation ensures your landscaping is attractive and also sustainable and functional, adding to your property’s overall value.

What can I expect from a 'Clean Peak Landscaping' Property Evaluation?

When you call Clean Peak Landscaping in West Chester for our comprehensive property evaluation, you will get the following steps:

  • Customized Evaluation: We create a customized lawn care plan for your property that meets all its unique needs. Our team works on figuring out what your lawn requires, and when it needs it so that it stays healthy and beautiful.
  • Identification of On-site Issues: We will keep an eye out for any problems with your plants, trees, lawn, or water drainage system. If we notice anything, we will let you know right away so you can take care of it before it becomes a bigger issue.
  • Priority Scheduling: We will give you priority scheduling to get your residential and commercial properties taken care of.
  • Proactive maintenance: We maintain every aspect of your property and pro-actively bring any risk or opportunity for improvement on your property to your attention through the year. 

Clean Peak Landscaping provides a comprehensive and expert evaluation of your property to ensure that your landscape remains healthy and beautiful all year round. Our evaluation is designed to address all aspects of your yard and landscape, so you can enjoy a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

How often should I have my property evaluated?

It is recommended to have a professional landscaping company like Clean Peak Landscaping check it out your lawn and gardens at least once a year. This will help us identify any problems like bugs or soil issues that could harm your plants.

However, the frequency of these spring check-ups can depend on how big your garden is, what kind of plants you have, and where you live. You can give our team a call to figure out how often you should have your landscape and property checked to keep it in good shape.

What happens after the property evaluation?

Once we have completed the property evaluation, we will generate a comprehensive report that outlines the current state of your landscape, including any issues or concerns we have identified. Additionally, we will provide a detailed plan of recommended services and treatments that will help your landscape thrive and remain healthy.

Our goal is to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your own landscape installation, maintenance and care.

Can you handle properties of all sizes?

Our team can handle all types of landscaping jobs, whether it is for your home or business. We are experienced in dealing with small residential yards as well as large commercial properties. So, no matter what your landscaping needs are, we have you covered!

Why Choose Clean Peak Landscaping for Your Property Evaluation?

At Clean Peak Landscaping, we are not just landscapers; we are custodians of nature’s beauty. But you may be asking, “Why should I choose Clean Peak Landscaping for my landscaping design and property evaluation?” Here is why:

Communication Simplicity: We offer complete outdoor care through our strategic structure in order to offer everything you need for your landscape through one trusted relationship. 

Value Driven: We prioritize communicating how and when to focus resources on each aspect of your landscape so you allocate only what makes the most sense at that time to retain the greatest value from your investment. 

Expert Knowledge: Our team has been working in this field for many years and we have gained a lot of knowledge about the local plants, the best conditions for their growth, and the problems that can occur when planting them in our area.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: We make use of the latest tools and technology to assess things accurately and quickly. This means you can be confident in the results of our evaluation, and we will work quickly to get you the information you need.

Customer Focus: We believe in providing tailored solutions that align with your vision and property needs. We partner with our clients, listening to their ideas, expectations and concerns, and involving them at each phase of the evaluation process.

Credible and Reliable: Our company is fully licensed and insured, which means we take our work seriously and promise to provide you with top-notch services. You can trust us to deliver the highest quality of work and take care of your needs.

How do I schedule a complete property evaluation?

If you are interested in getting your property evaluated, you can schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your property by contacting us either through phone or email. To get started, simply visit our ‘Contact Us’ page on our website, and you will find all the necessary information to reach out to us.

Clean Peak Landscaping | Lawn maintenance you can trust in West Chester, PA

From leaf removal to snow removal and everything in between, our landscaping company offers full service lawn maintenance for commercial and residential properties in the Chester County area.

Contact us today for a comprehensive property evaluation. Discover how our professional landscaping services can improve your landscape.

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How to Reach Us

We are here to serve you. Contact us anytime.

For Mail: P.O. Box 2163
West Chester, PA 19382

Corporate Address: 1009 Squires Dr. 
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