Lawn Care Program Overview

In this six visit program, our lawn specialist will observe and adjust to the needs of your lawn using an Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) approach during each visit from early spring – fall (meaning we manually adjust each visit based on how the
lawn is responding to what your lawn actually needs for long term health). Throughout the season a combination of soil and
organic focused slow release fertilizer, gypsum and lime combined with timely pre & post-emergent weed control will be used to
build a thick, weed free turf starting at the soil level.


Partnering with a local expert, we’re tackling unaddressed lawn issues. Like the body, lawns require essential nutrients. Focusing on soil
biology, instead of just treating the symptoms at the surface, is crucial for lasting results. To move towards this, the program emphasizes soil health, minimizes non-organic methods, and fosters vibrant turf.


We are proactive – We will point out and make recommendations around mid-summer based on how the lawn is responding
and any possible steps to aid the lawn towards self sustaining health & longevity.
We encompass issues often overlooked and undefined aiming to tackle as many potential lawn and soil issues within a single
comprehensive program as possible.
• Examples of issues we include that are often un-defined or not included without additional costs:
Invasive weeds: Wild violet, Crabgrass, Nutsedge, Japanese stilt grass
Pest Control: Grub control
Soil Enhancements & Organic Inputs: Gypsum & Lime application
• We will tell you when we think aeration and seeding will be helpful for the turf (this is not a service that is needed every year)

We offer additional services to address things in the lawn that are often left un-identified
• Examples: Nimblewill, bent grass, poa trivialis, and dallisgrass


*Each visit about 1-1.5 months apart*
*Flag is placed out after each service so that you know the lawn was treated*
1st Application: Before April 30th
2nd Application: Before June 15th
3rd Application: Before July 31st
4th Application: Before September 15th
5th Application: Before October 31st
6th Application: Before December 15th

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