A recent study found that 50% of Americans are investing in renovating their backyards. Due to the pandemic, backyards have become a popular space to modernize. However, with the new year, what trends are in, and which are out?

Don’t worry! We’ve found everything you need to know about landscape trends in West Chester, PA. That way, you can decide which trends are for you and which ones are not.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at landscape trends in 2023:


1. Bringing the Outside to the Inside


Here’s a fresh new take, rather than leave your larger potted plants outside, bring them inside to give your space a lush and relaxed vibe. More people are using this trend to update their enclosed porches and outdoor sheds to make the space colorful and homey.

However, the trend can also go the other way; instead of leaving items inside, they can also go outside. A good example is quality furniture; you would think to leave those items inside, so they are not exposed to the elements.

Although, more people are placing quality furnishings outside to create a cozy and modern outdoor space. It makes the backyard an intimate and more welcoming place.


2. Victorian Is Back


Thanks to the popular Netflix series Bridgerton, there’s been an uptick in purchases of roses, lilac, and hydrangeas. This trend is like an updated version of a cottage garden. It often looks casual but with an organized array of pink, purple, and white foliage.

Gravel, white fences, or brick pathways are often used to break up a garden. For decor and seating, rustic furnishings like wooden bunches and aging bird baths are displayed. This trend makes any backyard look regal and sophisticated.


3. Casual Backyard


These days less is more. To achieve this trend, let your backyard speak for itself; rather than buying busy patterned furniture and decorative pieces, be minimal with your furnishings. If you want to buy a piece or two, purchase neutral color furnishings.

It will allow the different types of plants to stand out and act as accent colors for your backyard. Plus, your backyard will feel more intimate and relaxed without busy patterns and various decorative pieces. It makes the space feel casual and cozy, enabling you to want to be outside and enjoy the view.


Use These Landscape Trends Today


These different landscaping styles are easy to achieve and are a timeless addition to any backyard. They are cozy and sophisticated, plus they provide an intimate and welcoming space.

All three landscape trends have a common theme: scaling back on busy, decorated spaces and leaning more towards minimalism and modern accents. These accents, for example, can be a large potted plant, a wooden bench, or neutral color furnishings; it’s just up to you.

If you live in West Chester, PA, and want to renovate your backyard, contact us today to start your residential landscaping project.

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