Tired of shoveling snow from your driveway?

In Pennsylvania, our winters often last until March, leading many people to look into winter landscaping services. But what are the benefits of a snow removal and landscape contract? While it may save you time and effort, is it a necessity or a luxury?

Read on to discover why snow removal in West Chester PA could be a worthwhile investment for your home.


Save Your Money

Did you know that you could potentially face fines? As a residential property owner, if your driveway and sidewalk aren’t clear, you could face hefty fines because your property is considered a safety hazard. These fines can be avoided by having an annual landscaping contract.

It’s often cheaper to have a relationship with a professional snow removal company rather than ignoring the issue and doing spontaneous callouts when things get bad. You’ll also be able to plan better financially when you have an estimate of snow removal costs in advance of needing the services.

Snow removal equipment can be expensive (and bulky to store), so you can save money by hiring a company that already has high-quality equipment.


Save Your Time

A manual snow removal process can be long and grueling. Get your time back with snow removal in West Chester PA.

You will get guaranteed access to all areas of your property, like your driveway when you’re in a rush. No more removing snow from driveways yourself!

A contract means guaranteed support when you need it without having to wait for an appointment. You’ll have a team on call that has all of the right equipment and solutions.

You’ll also reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries, saving you precious time and money. A bad slip or fall on the ice around your property could land you or a family member out of work, which isn’t worth the risk.


Keep Your Yard and Driveway Maintained

Working with a contractor has benefits outside of winter landscaping. All year round you can get support with your lawn, as well as keeping your yard on top of landscape trends.

This maintains the aesthetic appearance of your home and makes it easier and quicker to sell it down the road.

An important and often forgotten benefit of snow removal is preventing damage to your property. Snow can clog your gutters, cause flooding and water damage, and even damage concrete.


Snow Removal in West Chester PA: Time to Invest?

A landscaping contract will not only save you time and money, but it also protects your home and the safety of your family.

It’s easier and quicker to move fresh snow rather than hard snow that has become compressed, so it’s important to take action before the snow is able to prevent access to any areas of your property, or becomes a safety concern.

If you’re looking at snow removal in West Chester PA, get a free estimate at Clean Peak Landscaping to keep your property clear and safe all winter long.

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