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Spring is here, which means it is the perfect time to liven up your property and improve your business or home’s curb appeal with some colorful flowers.

We can tell you that, as experienced landscapers, West Chester, PA’s temperate climate allows for a wide variety of different flowers and blooms that you can use to make your garden beds colorful and more vibrant year around.

To start, here is a list of our favorite spring flowers perfect for adding color and variety to your garden beds this spring. We’d love to help you get your flowers and plants ready for spring this year. Give us a call and discover how we can design and install the perfect West Chester landscaping.

Five Flowers to Plant This Spring in West Chester, PA

1. Daffodils

If you’re looking for a flower that wastes no time sprouting in the spring, daffodils should be one of the first flowers you consider. These hardy bulbs are one of the first flowers to bloom as the weather begins to warm and are great for West Chester’s climate since they can survive the frost of late winter and early spring. We suggest planting these in the fall, and they’ll provide a pop of yellow, white, or orange to your garden bed.

2. Tulips

Tulips are another bulb perennial that brightens up West Chester gardens in the spring. They come in a wide range of colors and can add a gorgeous pop of color when you plant them all together in large numbers. Similar to daffodils, tulips require a period of winter chill, making them a great option for our local West Chester climate. For continuous blooms, we suggest planting tulip bulbs in early, mid-season, and late-blooming varieties.

3. Hyacinths

With their amazing smell and spiky flowers, hyacinths add color, texture and some floral scents to your spring garden. They are great for our local area because they will thrive in the mild spring temperatures of West Chester and you can plant them ahead of time in the fall with other bulbs, like tulips and daffodils, for an early burst of color. They come in a variety of shades like pink, blue, white, and purple, making them a fun addition to West Chester landscaping.

4. Peonies

Peonies are dramatic and colorful flowers that add some stunning, multi-dimensional blooms to your garden. These perennials love the warm summer days in West Chester and are known for their fragrant blooms in pink, red, white, and yellow. To get the best growth for your peonies, make sure they’re planted in a sunny spot with well-draining soil.

5. Pansies

To enjoy beautiful flowers in your garden once the weather gets cooler, consider planting pansies. These plants are great because they can survive chilly temperatures and light frost, and they can add some lovely colors to your garden during the fall season. We recommend planting them in late summer or early fall, and you’ll have some gorgeous blooms to enjoy well into the colder months.

Tips for West Chester Landscaping Success

As professional landscapers in West Chester and the surrounding area, our team at Clean Peak Landscaping is excited to help make your property look its best this spring. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or are looking for landscapers to do the heavy lifting, we know what it takes to make your property thrive this spring.

Here are a few tips we suggest as landscape your property this spring:

Get Flower Beds Ready

For your spring flowers to grow healthy and strong, it is important to prepare your garden soil properly before planting. Adding compost to the soil is one of the best ways to give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive, and it also helps to improve the texture and structure of the soil. To prepare your soil for planting, spread a layer of compost over the top of the soil and work it into a depth of about 6 inches.

Watch the Sun

You want to make sure you pick the right plants for the amount of sun your property gets throughout the day. To do this, pay attention to which areas receive direct sunlight, partial shade, or full shade throughout the day. This will help you choose the best plants for each area of your garden, as different plants have varying light requirements.

Water Wisely

During spring, your flowers usually get enough water from the rains, but you should be ready to water them during dry spells. How much and how often you should water your flowers depends on different things, like the kind of flower, the type of soil, and the weather conditions. Generally, watering your plants deeply but not too often is better than giving them a little water frequently. This helps your flowers grow stronger and healthier by making their roots grow deeper, and it also helps them survive dry conditions.

Mulch Matters

Adding a layer of mulch to your garden is a great way to keep your soil moist and keep weeds under control. By preventing water evaporation, mulch helps to keep the soil moist for longer periods, reducing the need for frequent watering. An added benefit is that mulch stops weeds from growing by blocking sunlight and preventing weed seeds from germinating. This makes sure your plants are growing and developing as they should and gives your garden a nice, neat appearance.

Get started this spring with the best West Chester landscaping company

Are you ready to make your yard look its best this spring? Our team at Clean Peak Landscaping is ready to take the heavy lifting off your plate and transform your property. Whether you need a spring yard cleanup or a complete property plan and landscaping design, we offer complete landscaping services.

Give our team a call today for a free consultation and learn how we can make your lawn and garden bloom this spring.

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