Lawn Care Services

For many of us, our lawn is our pride and joy. Let Clean Peak Landscaping handle all your lawn care service needs.

Lawn Care Services List

  • Mowing
  • Soil testing
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Weed Whacking
  • Clipping & Blowing

Professional Lawn Care Services

Clean Peak Landscaping strives to produce the best lawn care services that are humanly possible. Our dedicated team of professional landscapers approach each home with enthusiasm and dedication. We provide weekly lawn mowing services to keep your property at its best. We value that your lawn and landscape can be a place of rest and enjoyment.


Residential Lawn Care Services

Have a small business or manage an industrial park? Not a problem. Clean Peak Landscaping can handle all your landscaping needs.

The largest component of your landscape is typically grass. It is often the component that strikes as an initial impression of the type of property it is. Our team desires to bring the science & understanding of what truly makes a great lawn back into perspective. We aim at first addressing soil deficiencies to redirect every lawn we work on back to functioning how it is supposed to. This unique aim at soil first moves in a direction towards truly addressing root issues rather than temporarily treating symptoms.

In order to help maintain a healthy lawn with proper soil we take pride in the details of weekly lawn mowing & edging. Changing direction of mowing paths, cutting at the right length during each season and sharp blades are just a few of the components that we follow.

Searching for Something More Unique & Looking to Create a New Outdoor Space

Clean Peak is a full service landscaping company that puts together every piece of the puzzle of your property so you don’t have to search and manage more than one company for your outdoors. Contact us today for all of your landscaping needs.


From mulch instalation to stone installation, Clean Peak Landscaping has you covered.

what our clients are saying
“They do what it takes and do it with pride.”

These men are incredible Pros! They do what it takes and do it with pride. A breed apart! They for sure make my landscape team! Thankful! – Chris Hilburn

“Exceptional work & pays attention to the smallest detail. Not a weed in my flower beds.”
“These guys are great!”

“These guys are great!! They’ll be here next year too. I’m not gonna let them get away.” –Ed Naratelli 


How to Reach Us

We are here to serve you. Contact us anytime.

For Mail: P.O. Box 2163
West Chester, PA 19382

Corporate Address: 1009 Squires Dr. 
West Chester, PA 19382

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