Winter may be considered the off-season for many landscaping enthusiasts, but you can still do several things this winter to keep your West Chester yard looking beautiful and healthy all year long.

Even if your yard is covered with snow and the temperature might be freezing, there are still essential lawn maintenance tasks to keep your landscape looking its best throughout the colder months.

Preparing and maintaining your yard in winter not only helps preserve your grass and lawn but can also set the stage for a thriving landscape come springtime. If you need landscaping help with your commercial and residential properties, give our expert landscaping team a call at Clean Peak Landscaping. We are here to help!

Let’s dive into some winter landscaping tasks to stay on top of this winter.

Pruning and Trimming Deciduous Trees and Shrubs

Believe it or not, winter is the ideal time for pruning and trimming many deciduous trees and shrubs. This is because most of the leaves have fallen, and it is much easier to see the structure of your plants, which can help you efficiently remove dead, damaged, or hazardous branches.

Pruning not only enhances the health and beauty of your plants but also allows for proper air circulation, which contributes to your garden’s overall health and growth.

For taller trees or a large backyard, getting help with our landscaping services for your pruning can help save you time and contribute to a beautiful yard.

 Mulch to Flower Beds and Plants 

Mulching in the late Winter – early spring (like March)  is like adding a warm winter blanket to your flower beds and plants. Adding mulch helps add an insulating layer to protect the roots of your plants against harsh winter temperatures and temperature fluctuations, keeping them safe and protected.

Plus, adding mulch helps to keep all the moisture in the soil, reduces soil erosion and helps with weed control that could become difficult when the weather warms up. Try to use organic mulching materials, such as bark chips, leaves, or pine needles, which can help promote a strong root system and keep your soil balanced.

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Protect and Cover Vulnerable Plants

Some plants, particularly those with shallow root systems, require extra protection during the winter months. You can protect these delicate plants by wrapping them with burlap, frost cloths, or other insulating materials, which will help safeguard them from harsh winds, frost, and heavy snowfall.

We can help you protect any new shrubs in your backyard or ensure any plants in your garden are covered for the winter weather. We also suggest you consider adding stake supports for your young or fragile trees to help prevent limb breakage under the weight of snow or ice.

Add Container Plantings for Seasonal Charm

Winter container plantings can add a touch of color to your outdoor space, even during the coldest months. You can decorate your containers or window boxes with evergreen plants, branching twigs, and colorful ornamental berries.

We can offer suggestions for local Chester County plants that can elevate your house and add a festive touch to your patio or back yard. From pine cones to birch branches, you can incorporate the seasonal plants of winter to add extra charm to your winter landscaping.

Maintaining Hardscape Elements

With your plants and greenery less prominent in winter, this is the perfect time to focus on outdoor spaces with hardscaping, like patio, retaining walls, sidewalks or other hardscaping elements to make sure they are secure and note any repairs that might need to be done before the cold weather takes its toll. Cleaning and sealing patios, decks, and walkways can also ensure their durability and longevity during harsh winter conditions.

Do not forget your water features too! These should be winterized as temperatures drop below freezing to prevent any freezing pipes or long-term damage.

This is also a great time to start planning any time of landscape design or landscape installation you would like to have completed when warmer weather comes. Landscaping companies can have long wait lists for hardscapes come spring, so now is a great time to start planning a backyard patio installation or adding outdoor kitchens.

Snow Removal and Ice Management

Keeping your pathways, driveways, and sidewalks free from snow and ice is crucial during winter. Regular snow and ice removal will ensure safety and help prevent damage to your hardscape elements from freeze-thaw cycles.

Do not be tempted to use rock salt, as it can damage plants and cause erosion – instead, opt for more landscape-friendly alternatives like blends using calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, or potassium chloride.

Clean Peak Landscaping offers professional snow removal services for both residential and commercial properties to make sure everything is safe for you, your family and your clients this winter.

Clean Peak Landscaping company | All the lawn care services you need this winter!

Just because it is winter and temperatures are colder, there are still landscaping tasks to keep your West Chester, PA lawn maintained this winter. You can help proactively keep your yard healthy even during the colder months to make sure that your landscape remains healthy and vibrant when warmer weather comes back.

If you are looking for professional snow removal and winter landscaping services, Clean Peak Landscaping is here to help. We offer:

  • Landscaping services
  • Hardscaping
  • Retaining walls
  • Yard cleanup
  • Leaf removal
  • Complete lawn care
  • And more!

Give our West Chester team a call or contact us online to get a free quote for our services. We offer great service and transparent pricing, all while delivering quality work to our clients.

Do not neglect your yard this winter – keep on top of winter landscaping to ensure your property looks stunning all year round.

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