The number of people using landscaping services grew by nearly 3 percent, according to recent statistics from the National Association of Landscape Professionals. West Chester, Pennsylvania, sees the gambit of weather – from snow to sunshine to winter cold to summer heat. The four seasons in southeastern Pennsylvania mean you need a landscaping contract to keep your property in top-notch shape.

An annual landscape contract is essential to keep costs under control and provide regular lawn maintenance. Landscaping keeps your property safe and saves you time.

Here’s more on why you need a landscaping contract in West Chester, Pennsylvania.


1. Cost

An annual landscaping contract can help you control costs. A landscape contract gets everything in writing. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll spend on tree trimming, grass cutting, and snow removal.

Landscaping contract costs layout any fees, such as surcharges for fuel or landscaping design. You will also get a schedule to make timely payments. You also won’t have to invest in landscape maintenance supplies.

Moreover, when you know landscaping contract costs, it helps to keep your family and household budgets in check.


2. Regular Maintenance

Landscape maintenance service means crews are on a regular schedule to cut grass, collect leaves, or remove snow! Crews will show up on time to fulfill your annual landscaping contract.

A landscape maintenance routine keeps your grass trimmed and your lawn clear. Professionals will create a custom landscape routine around your schedule and lawn layout. You will improve your image in the community with a regular landscape maintenance service.

Regular maintenance can also cover common landscape issues, such as dead spots in your grass. Common landscape issues that maintenance can prevent also include standing water and wildlife destruction.


3. Property Safety

More than 42,000 people die yearly from slips and falls at their homes or workplaces. Keeping your sidewalks and lawn clear of debris, such as tree limbs, mulch, and even snow and ice, will keep your property safe.

Does your property have a tree that might need trimming? A fallen limb can cause damage to your roof or property.

A landscaping contract will ensure workers will have landscape maintenance supplies on hand, such as ice melt and tree trimmers.


4. Saves Time

You will save time with a landscape contract. During the hot summer months and cold winter days, you can relax in your home while a landscaper does the work.

A landscaping project allows you to spend time with family and friends. You could focus on your business or time on the golf course or at a ski resort.


Why a Landscaping Contract is Essential in West Chester, Pennsylvania

A landscaping contract is essential in West Chester, Pennsylvania, because it controls costs and provides for regular maintenance. Moreover, a landscaping contract will keep your property safe and save you time. Soon after you sign a contract, you’ll see the benefits of having a professional landscaper at your home.

Let us help you with a landscape contract! Our skilled experts will leave your lawn in tip-top shape and the best on the block. You’ll be the envy of your West Chester, Pennsylvania neighbors!

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